Author’s picture

Author’s picture


4 Responses to “Author’s picture”

  1. Mel P Says:

    You are beautiful, inside and out! Can’t wait to read your book!

  2. Irene Buckley Says:

    I love your picture, Jacqui. It is a beautiful picture of your whole beingl truly radiating with happiness, exhilaration and celebration!

  3. Kathy Toomey Says:


    Look at you! You haven’t aged a bit…..I can still hear your crazy laugh….I can’t wait to read the book you wrote. I ordered it today. I never knew you experienced such turmoil as a child. You hid it well as most kids do. Now you are a confident, beautiful woman… your Mom. I will be in touch.


  4. Kimberly Diehl Says:

    You are radiant. Someone could look at this photo,and just know that you are a kind,funny,intelligent,and graceful woman.

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